USB Charging Wet and Dry Mopping Floor Cleaning Machine

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Silver gray
Tyrant gold
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The mop head is made of high-quality microfiber material, good water absorption performance, and does not leave water stains.
Intelligent timing shutdown, one start can automatically stop after 30 minutes of continuous work and then press the start switch to work again for 30 minutes. Energy-saving and environmental protection.
The sensitive intelligent sensor system detects obstacles and intelligently decelerates, and the machine automatically turns after slight contact to protect the furniture from damage.
Automatic mopping robot, suitable for cleaning wood floors, floor tiles, composite floors, marble, wet mopping, dry mopping, to meet the cleaning needs of different environments.
All-round cleaning, efficient and fast removal of stains, to meet your different cleaning requirements for floors, tiles, marble, etc.
A good helper for household cleaning, making the cleaning work faster and faster. The best gift for your family, friends, wife, and yourself.

Operation mode: mechanical
Power supply mode: USB
Timing function: less than 2 hours
Switch type: touch
Cleaning route: random
Sweeper function: sweep type
Sweeper style: intelligent robot
Use environment: home
Applicable area: 120-150 square meters
Appearance: sweeping robot
With remote control: No
LCD display: None
Is there a timed appointment function: Yes
Is there a virtual wall: None
Collision protection: mechanical collision
Whether to charge automatically: No
Color: Tyrant gold, silver-gray

Package Content:

1 x Cleaning Machine

Ek bilgi

Ağırlık 1.35 kg

Silver gray, Tyrant gold




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