Mini Solid Color Smart Time Human Body Sensor Light

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1. Time human body induction lamp: time display, rotary dimming, human body induction, cold and warm light switching, magnetic adsorption, non-direct light source.
2. Human body induction: using human body induction drinking light-sensing technology, in the dark environment, people pass through the detection area, the LED light will automatically illuminate the illumination, and will automatically extinguish after about 20 seconds.
3. Time display: 108 class LED time matrix when the night passes, the current time is displayed, built-in independent clock power management chip, the clock can still work stably when the product is low, no need to set frequently.
4. Rotating dimming: Built-in dual-force sensing switch, rotating sensor light can realize 4-speed light adjustment, while time display follows rotation, always in a horizontal position.
5. Cold and warm light switching: preset two sets of yellow/white light, can be switched by the back button, yellow light 2800K, suitable for night lighting to create an atmosphere, white light 4500K, suitable for temporary reading, hand-held lighting and so on.
6. Magnetic adsorption: The built-in strong magnet in the rear can be adsorbed to the wall through the distribution of the magnetic sheet or directly adsorbed on the refrigerator and the iron frame, which is simple and convenient. The four sides are illuminated by light, and the light is soft and does not sting the eyes.
7. Applicable scene: an applicable range of light, such as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe, etc.


Battery capacity: 600mah
Standby time: about 1200 hours
Product principle: human body infrared sensor + light sensor
Rated power: 0.4W
color: White
Main material: ABS
Applicable area: about 5-15m³ space
Working environment: dark environment, not bright during the day

Package Content:

1 x Senser Light 

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Battery, Recharge


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