Luminous Rugby Reflective Rugby Rugby Game Special Training Rugby

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1.Better Reflective Effect: The new generation reflective material is used in this Milachic holographic reflective soccer ball, makes the soccer ball more durable and achieve a better reflective glowing soccer ball effect. If the soccer ball under light and you look from the direction of light, you will be amazed about the brightly glowing soccer ball. The perfect glow soccer ball effect is to take photos or videos with the flash on.
2.Looks So Cool: Are you looking for a special gift for your kids, friends, or families? This reflective soccer ball is not only a regulation soccer ball but also a holographic glowing soccer ball that can play at night, it looks so cool and brightly will catch others eyes, such a special and practical soccer ball gifts for soccer lovers, why miss it?
3.Cool for Social Media Posts: The holographic glowing soccer ball photos and videos you take are great for sharing on social media, it makes you look cool and distinctive.
4.Durable Material: This light-up-soccer ball is made of premium reflective PU leather with 100% nylon winding and a flexible rubber bladder to maintain a good bounciness. As an indoor-outdoor training soccer ball, the new material we choose is very durable, wear-resistant, and not easy to leak.
5.Give A Unique Gift: No one you know has seen a football like the Holographic Glowing reflective football making it the perfect gift for any football lover.

Name: Luminous Rugby
Specifications: 3, 6, 9 balls
Surface: three-layer composite leather
Ball line: ACL
Liner: Butyl liner
Color: seven colors
Long circumference: 520-540mm
Short circumference: 390-410mm
Gram weight: 200-240g
Long circumference: 641-654mm
Short circumference: 470-483mm
Gram weight: 320-340g
Long circumference: 705-724mm
Short circumference: 527-540mm
Gram weight: 385-425g

Package Content:
1 * Football

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3style, 6style, 9style


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