Flexible Triangular Stent

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1. Universal flat phone stand/camera frame.
2. Applicable environment: desktop and other planes.
3. 360-degree rotation. Support 5.5 sizes about the phone (general)
4. Both sides of the soft and its sponge with a protective phone and other scratches do not play the role.
5. Universal built-in spring switch can control the size of the fixture in order to facilitate the placement of different products.
This tripod can be used for mobile phones, entry-level SLR cameras, home DV, and so on. Standard bayonet, universal type. Meet the requirements of the general hobby friends. This is a mini tripod that can be used in any way to support a light camera (card type or small digital camera) at any time. You can wrap it on the branches, railings, and even the handrails, to help you complete the impossible shooting effect.
1.Pull the fixture into the fixture and then let go with the built-in spring to clamp the phone
2.Stretch the 3 tripods while stretching the length of the bracket, adjust to the required height
3. Turn the phone angle, select the angle after locking the set screw

Material: Plastic+Sponge
Phone clip size:6-9cn

Package Content
1*octopus tripod


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Black, Black With remote control, Blue, Blue With remote control, Red, Red With remote control


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