Fingerprint Bluetooth Anti-Theft Chain Lock

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Fingerprint Bluetooth
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Brand new and high quality
Easy touch solve any trouble
Your finger is your key and only takes 1 sec to unlock. Keyless Smart Fingerprint lock is equipped with advanced fingerprint technology with automatic recognition, safety, and convenience.
Cable Diameter:0.4″, Length: 39.4″ (The longer bicycle chain recommended for motorcycle, two wheels, or multi-bike locking).
Waterproof (IP66), Seamless security, and added protection are yours in all weather conditions, anywhere you go.
The best gift for outdoor sports enthusiasts
Do not need to worry about forgetting the password.
Do not need keys and mobile phones with you.
Do not need multiple steps to open the lock.


Specifications: fingerprint, Bluetooth, fingerprint plus Bluetooth
Material: Zinc alloy
Scope of application: bicycle single battery bike motorcycle mountain bike portable bicycle
Style: modern and simple
Battery capacity: 110mA, fully charged and pressed more than 2000 times
Waterproof rating: IP65
Fingerprint capacity: 2 groups of administrators + 18 groups of users
Charging: USB

Package Content:

1 x Lock



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Bluetooth, Fingerprint, Fingerprint Bluetooth


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