Car Organizer with Charger Cable Car Seat Gap Storage Box with Cable

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2 wire
2 wire 2pcs
3 wire
3 wire 2pcs
Storage Box
Storage Box 2pcs
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The car front seat organizer can fill the gaps between the car seat and center console and stop dropping small items, avoid dander caused by driving distraction. It can provide extra storage for your stuff such as a smartphone, wallet, cigarette, keys, hand cream, coins, gloves, credit card, documents, pens maps, sunglasses, etc. Easy to get it when driving.

Material: ABS
Input voltage: 12-24 (V)
Output voltage: 5 (V)
Output current: 3100 (mA)
Working temperature: 40-70 (℃)
Output interface: Apple Type-C
Applicable charging range: Apple Type-C
Product size: 270*157*68mm
Fit for: Front seat Left Right
Special: There is three types of car seat storage box.
Type 1. without any charge wire and USB port
Type 2. with 2 charge wire, 2usb port
Type 3. with 3 charge wire, 2usb port
Tips: The charging cable included with the 1/2 type is a retractable charging cable with a maximum length of 0.8 meters. When using, you need to gently pull out the charging cable. After use, it can automatically shrink back, which is very convenient and does not take up space.

Package Content
1 x Car Organizer

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2 wire, 2 wire 2pcs, 3 wire, 3 wire 2pcs, Storage Box, Storage Box 2pcs


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