I burnt with great passion of love
Becoming mad in everybody’s mouth in over the world
After I denied, found everything inside of me
I cry becoming mad with your love,my dear.

Your love over exceed me as a flood,covered everywhere
My roses died away after I lost your love
My hands plucked out by the root of my hair
I cry becoming mad with your deear.

I don’t know state of my affairs,where I am,
I cry having as fierce flood of tears
Nothing is important ıf there is no my sweet-heart
I cry becoming mad with your love,my dear

No one understands,they call ‘as a crazy’
They make fun of dancing with broken cymbals,
without tambourine,
Go on their way with superstitious beliefs
Poet İnce says,he cries becoming mad with her love

Poet:Sabit İNCE
Translated:Ayşenur ÖKTEN İZGİN


It is Bairam now;
Let’s make peace
Have racing for love,
Let’s embrace each other.
Today is the Bairam, my friends.

Being together with rich and poor
Either over the seas or on the lands
But at Bosna-Hersek and Karadağ
It is The Black Bairam,my friends.

Some people’re old or some of in poverty
Without hearing any becoming rusted ears
As Kerem’s love by non interest of Aslı
Bairam caused suffering, my friends.

The homesicks cry away-from the country
Isn’t there anybody hear all these?
Çeçenistan harrows all the hearts
Who this Bairam is for,my friends?
The Bayram has already been

But I am not able to laugh.
Having flood of tears can’t be stopped
I am not able to say, it’s a lie,my dear poet,
So, it is Bairam now, my friends.

Poet:Sabit İNCE

Translated:Ayşenur ÖKTEN İZGİN

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